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" Yoga Goes has been hosting 2 monthly classes at our SpringHill Suites by Marriott in Oceanside, CA since October 2016. These classes are offered to the community as well as hotel guests, and have become a staple of our property over the last 2 years. Kathy’s energy, enthusiasm and professionalism make Yoga Goes the perfect choice for any occasion including social events, corporate gatherings and any of your health & wellness needs. As a business, we highly recommend Yoga Goes and as many of our staff can attest, her yoga instruction is inspiring and truly a wonderful experience."

- Liz Murphy, SpringHill Suites

" Kathy is one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever experienced. Each class is different and filled with helpful hints and different options for the advanced yogi to the beginner. Her cueing is flawless and she makes everyone feel comfortable in her class. "

- Julie, Fallbrook CA

" Sometimes you just get lucky.  This time I did.  By pure circumstance, I ended up in a group yoga class taught by Kathy.  I was a yoga novice, looking for ways to increase my range of motion.  As a 64 year old, I didn’t know if yoga was the answer or not but a good friend, who had been involved with yoga for 25 years, suggested I give it a try.  Kathy was the 5th yoga instructor I ran into in my quest.  I’d be happy if she was the last because I think I’ve found the best.  I’ve had her teach me in group lessons and in private, with a good friend of mine.  Kathy is a fun, vibrant,  and technically excellent yoga instructor.  I can’t give any higher endorsement than that. "

- Mark P, Oceanside CA

" As one of Kathy's students I feel confident and inspired to take my yoga with me wherever I go. Her attention to alignment and unique sequencing makes her classes among my favorites. " 

- Heather, Carlsbad CA

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