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What will yoga do for me?

Yoga has too many wonderful health benefits to list them all here, but most participants experience an overall improved sense of well- being. Increased muscular strength and flexibility, better balance, energy, and stamina are just a few of the physical benefits of a regular yoga practice. Memory, concentration, and learning all improve while anxiety, hostility, and depression decrease as we learn to calm the mind with self acceptance and inner peace.



Do I have to be “in shape” to take a yoga class?

Absolutely not! That’s what is great about yoga. (along with everything else!) Effort can be minimal and relaxed, movements are generally slow and you can go at your own pace. There is a very low risk of injury and all our classes at Yoga Goes are non-competitive, safe and enjoyable. You will be excited to see the positive benefits that result in your life with a regular yoga practice.



How often do I need to practice yoga?

It’s called a “practice” because we are always learning and growing in yoga. Just like anything, the more you do an activity, the more comfortable you’ll be at it. A good routine would be to start out once a week and increase any amount that you choose.

As you begin a regular class, we are confident you will feel better and want to add more yoga into your life.



Where can I find these classes?

Yoga Goes brings classes right to where you are! Whether it’s your home, office, the park, company headquarters, a gym, the beach, hotel, recreation or conference center; we will provide safety minded, certified, insured, compassionate, cheerful and knowledgeable instructors. See our Event page, follow us on social media and join our newsletter to stay up to date!



What do I need?

All you need is a desire to improve your life, willingness to try new things, and a level space clear of obstructions or distractions.

A yoga mat and comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement are recommended. Stretchy clothing is best and layers can be shed as your body warms up. Shoes are usually not worn during yoga class.



What do I have to know about yoga to participate?

Nothing! From first time beginners to advanced yogi’s, Yoga Goes offers classes tailored to your ability and interests. Please see our class selections and choose ones that are the best for you. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. 



I heard yoga was a spiritual thing and I’m not religious, can I go?

Definitely. Yoga Goes welcomes absolutely everyone with good intentions. Each person’s yoga practice is individual and only relevant to them. Some participants do yoga strictly for the benefits of stretching, strengthening and flexibility. Others incorporate deep breathing techniques with yoga poses for a sense of calm. No matter what yoga means to you, our team at Yoga Goes is dedicated to guide you with enthusiasm, support and inspiration on your path to wellness.

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