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Hatha is a sequence of moving poses designed to flow from one to another. Through guided alignment, you will develop balance, strength, and flexibility. Any pose can be modified for ability and ease. This class is a good work out, fun, energetic and designed for all levels.



Gentle is a slower paced, softer physical practice, utilizing props to open, stretch and strengthen the body. We'll explore deep breathing techniques to quiet the mind and bring awareness into the poses. All levels of mobility are welcome

Use of chairs, blocks, blankets, and straps is encouraged.



Basics will explore safe alignment and adaptations for individual needs. A perfect class for beginners and anyone interested in proper positioning of poses, regardless of experience. Learn the basics of yoga and how to prevent injuries while having fun and enjoying your practice.



Vin/Yin combines two styles of yoga to leave students feeling balanced both physically and energetically. Alternating active poses with passive ones offers students the opportunity to  strengthen and stretch the muscles and deeper layers of connective tissue with proper alignment of the body.



Vinyasa is a fun, flowing class that moves through a variety of poses based on sun salutations. Areas of focus will include balance, proper alignment, breathing techniques, strength, stretching and core work. Appropriate for all levels; students are invited to go at their own "flow".

All Yoga Goes classes are open to any level of experience. Standard yoga class is 75 minutes in length, other durations available upon request. Yoga Goes is designed to be a non-competitive, fun, open and encouraging environment.


Please be courteous to others if you must arrive late or leave early.

Please remember to remove shoes and silence cellphones!


Yoga Goes instructors are compassionate guides and will teach proper techniques to keep students safe within their practice. Ultimately it is up to the yogi to know their physical limitations, honor their body, be mindful and move responsibly.

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